The observation of global movement patterns (GMs) is a method developed by Heinz Prechtl and it allows for prompt and reliable diagnosis of functional damage to the CNS. It is reliable, sensitive and readily available. This method consists of observing the spontaneous movement patterns of the newborn and infant, generated by their central nervous system. Analyzing the quality of these movements and comparing them to the "gold standard" allows early and reliable diagnosis of deviations from normal motor development, indicative of functional CNS damage. This makes it possible to plan developmental support tailored to the individual needs of the infant. This is particularly important because motor development is the basis for cognitive and social development.

The training will be conducted by Prof. Christa Einspieler, professor at the Medical University of Graz, president of the GM Trust Foundation and a direct associate of Prof. Heinz Prechtl.

The Basic Course lasts 3,5 days and provides an extensive training in assessing general movements.

The Advanced course lasts 3,5 days and is is designed for those who have completed the basic course and already have experience in diagnosis. An important part of it is the analysis of difficult cases presented by trainees, so it is strongly encouraged to bring your own recordings of patients.


Basic course


Advanced course